I always love reading emails from you lot. Whether it’s interesting collaborations, love notes or Despite the fact that I get around 300 emails a day (that’s the nature of my business I’m afraid), I still love to read the ones I get re: my blog.Except you, anti-feminist trolls. I love to print your emails and circle all the grammatical errors.

Where can I get in touch with you? 

It’s pretty simple.
You can email me at
You can tweet me at @vickychandler
Or catch me on insta at @vickychandler too.If you want to email me directly, please use the message button to your right. However I only respond to emails regarding my blog, and not anything to do with my full-time job as a journalist.

Can I invite you to mine, or my clients’ event?

Of course! I love to go out, meet new people and celebrate much-loved brands’ success.It also has to be related to my blog – food, drink, travel and culture.

Can I send you a product to review? 

Again, I love to receive products to try out – I really appreciate the wonderful things sent to me. Just pop me an email and we can talk some more, and I can send you over the right address. However, this doesn’t guarantee a review or product mention. I pride myself on honesty and if I don’t think the product is right for me, or right for my readers, then I will politely decline.

Do you do brand collaborations and sponsored posts? 

I am proud to have worked with some fantastic brands, and in the past I have worked on collaborative projects and sponsored posts. However, again, it has to be something that I’m passionate about, and I think my readers will love. Pop me an email to talk rates, stats and ideas to make the collab the best it can be for both parties!DISCLAIMER: As I also work within the media, it’s important to stress that this blog is nothing to do with my full-time job as a journalist. If you send me a product to review for my blog, invite me to an invite for my blog, or take me on a press trip for my blog, it’s for my blog only and will never influence what I write for the magazine I work for.

So who have you written for and collaborated with? 

Check out my online portfolio for all the details!

I’m one of your readers, how do I know if what you writing is honest and not a paid or sponsored post? 

I hope you can trust me when I say all my blogs are 100% honest, and I would never write or review something I didn’t genuinely enjoy. Products and posts that were sponsored in some way (i.e. I was paid for a post, or had a product sent to me for review) will be marked with an asterisk (*).