My 2016 recap | An exhausting, but wonderful year

My 2016 recap | An exhausting, but wonderful year

Well, twenty-sixteen has been one hell of a year, amiright? For me, it bought with it a rollercoaster of emotions. It was my first year of being an actual adult (saving for a house, full-time employment, not at uni blah blah blah). It was also a year of ups and downs with my mental wellbeing, and my weight (damn it).

But looking back, it was actually a pretty wonderful time, and the negative moments have shrouded some of the beautiful memories I’ve made.

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SO, here are some of my favourites:
I went to Paris again, a trip which reaffirmed my absolute INFATUATION for the city. This time, being a bit more familiar with the city, and the Parisian way of life, we wandered a lot, and drank plenty of wine (read more about that here).


I was also whisked away to Liverpool for a lovely birthday weekend, and my first away game watching Crystal Palace v Everton (here’s what we did).


We caught some September sun (and rain) in Dubrovnik (read here), played with wild baby bunnies, snorkelled, argued on a two-man kayak and soaked up the Croatian sun.


I made some amazing memories with family and friends – and I’m so grateful I got to spend time with these amazing people.
Like going into Harry Potter World after it closed to the public!
Or spending the day cooking with my dad at Waitrose Cookery school


And spending another boozy dinner with the lovely ladies I’ve been friends with since school


And getting drunk at a wine fair with some of my favourite people
We were also lucky enough to go inside Thorpe Park after hours – and ride the rollercoasters over and over again (with a pint of wine in hand).
And spent many a lovely memory with my beautiful mum!
I also surfed for the first time in Newquay. We stayed at a beautiful hotel, and ate mussels and had a spa day too, bliss. (Read about that trip here).
I was fortunate enough to see some INCREDIBLE live music in 2016, too. I saw one of my all-time favourite bands, The Gipsy Kings, at Kew The Music with my parents, cried to Adele at Glastonbury and saw the return of Craig David at Radio 1 Big Weekend.
I went on the most incredible press trip to Puglia with the legendary Gennaro Contaldo. I learnt so much from him, ate amazing food (one night in a cave!) and met wonderful people.
I also went to Ascot a couple of times, got drunk both times, lost money both times. Nonetheless, WHAT an experience!
And of course I went to India, and fell in love with India. A beautiful country, with beautiful, welcoming people. I got to feed monkeys, and watch a lot of cricket and swim in a waterfall full of so many fish Tom and I freaked out and had to be helped by locals… Oh, and we got stung by the remains of jelly fish while snorkelling!
Oh, and I PROPERLY fangirled over Sarah-Jessica Parker. Because, who wouldn’t?
I am grateful for the memories I’ve made this year, many that had been pushed to the back of my mind because towards the end I chose to focus on the negativity.
Now do the same. Go back through those Facebook photos, and your phone album and remind yourself of the wonderful times you’ve had in 2016. Here’s to 2017!