Christmas cocktail recipe: Panettone Flip

Christmas cocktail recipe: Panettone Flip

Nothing says Christmas quite like a good cocktail, and whether you make your own at home, or heading to one of the UK’s best cocktail bars – there’s plenty to choose from.

This panettone flavoured cocktail comes from Duck & Waffle‘s ’12 Drinks of Christmas Menu,’ a concoction created by Richard Woods, Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development.

I’ve had the privilege in the past of attending one of Rich’s cocktail masterclasses, and he really is a genius.

This creation may seem bold, but I’ve tried it myself, and it’s delicious!

What you need: 

35ml Cognac
35ml Panettone Purée (see below how to make)
15ml Spiced Sugar (see below how to make)
1 Egg

STEP ONE: Create the Panettone Purée

Dry blend together 250grams of panettone until they’re crumbs. Add 350ml Cognac and re-blend. Pass the mix through a sieve and refrigerate.

STEP TWO: Created the spiced sugar

Add half a stick of cinnamon, 3 broken Tonka beans to 250ml sugar syrup. Store in an air tight container and infuse for 12 hrs. Filter the spaces and reserve the infused sugar.

STEP THREE: Create the cocktail

Shake 15ml of the spiced sugar and 35ml of the panettone purée along with 1 egg, 35ml Cognac, and cubed ice. Double straight into a liquer or tasting glass.

STEP FOUR: Garnish

Lightly dust with nutmeg or grated tonka bean.

And if you really can’t be bothered to make your own, book in a drinking session at Duck & Waffle to taste their INCREDIBLE cocktail selection.