TRAVEL | Boston food: 8 dishes everyone should try when visiting Boston …

TRAVEL | Boston food: 8 dishes everyone should try when visiting Boston …

Eating is one of the biggest, and most important, parts of my holidaying experience. I can never get my head around those who go on their hols and live on English breakfasts and Irish pub grub (unless you’re in Ireland obviously…), when there’s so many fantastic dishes and foodie traditions to try.

In the lead up to any of my holidays, I start compiling a list of the restaurants I need to try by saving websites, calling out for help on Twitter, and arming myself with culinary knowledge that Time Out’s restaurant guide would be jealous of. However, there’s only so much I can eat (trust me, I tried to consume the entirety of Boston’s food scene), and I whittled it down to these…

My favourite 8 dishes that every foodie should try in Boston…

1. East Springfield Omelette from Mike’s City Diner – $8.95

1714 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118 


Packed with spinach, broccoli, tomato and cheese, this omelette is guaranteed to fill you until lunch.
I’m a fan of the little neighbourhood this diner is set in, and it couldn’t get more stereotypical, like the set of an American sitcom with its unlimited coffee refills, black and white tiled floors and cops breakfasting alongside you at the countertop.I also tried ‘grits’ for the first time here too – a porridge/cream corn sort of concoction supposed to be eaten with brown sugar. I wasn’t so sure on that….

2. Lobster Ravioli from Atlantic Fish Co. – $16.00

761 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 
A starter served with shiitake mushrooms and basil cream – this was potentially one of the tastiest fresh lobster dishes I’ve ever tried. I love a pasta/risotto dish as a starter as I feel like guilty a. stuffing my face with carbs and b. wanting to try a non-pasta mains option.For your main course go for their fresh catch of the day – cooked however you want, and served with a choice of two sides. I had a stunning grilled lemon sole fillet with asparagus and crushed new potatoes.

3. Caprese from Ristorante Villa-Francesca – $14.95

150 Richmond Street, Boston, MA 02109 
I love a Caprese salad and the meaty, rich mozzarella and succulent tomatoes of this particular dish has my taste buds tingling as I write this. Villa-Francesca is located in Boston’s North End, its own mini-Italian Quarter. You’re spoilt for choice if you love Italian food with the whole street lined with restaurants and cafes that look like you’re dining in your Nonna’s house.Try out the seafood linguine from here too – however word of warning, it’s HUGE and you could probably share this between two.

 4. La Sfogliatella (Lobstertail) from Mike’s Pastry  – $5.50

300 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

A PR friend urged me to try this particular pastry, and it seemed most of Boston’s residences make the pilgrimage to this family-run shop for some sweet, homemade goodness. Mike’s Pastry has that homely Italian vibe about it – and everything is made fresh on the premises!The lobstertail éclair hails from a convent on the Amalfi Coast and is filled with delicious cream and yellow custard filling.

If this doesn’t sound like your thing, I recommend the fresh fig fruit square or the Boston crème pie (no I wasn’t being greedy or anything…)

5. The Shellfish Tower from Row 34 – $82.00

383 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210

A mammoth task to eat, but a challenge I took head on, and with happiness. My dad and I share a love for seafood, so tucking into this tower on my 22nd birthday was an exceptional treat (my mum wasn’t so keen on all the raw fish). A two-tier beauty, the tower compromised of three different types of oysters (12 altogether), 12 clams, prawns, scallop ceviche and half a lobster. Casual.It was delicious. Filled us up and went fantastically with a chilled bottle of white. My dad’s favourite meal of the trip by far.

 6. Tuna Crudo at Bostonia Public House – $16

131 State Street, Boston, MA 02110

Like the Italian version of Sashimi, this Tuna Crudo is raw tuna at its peak freshness served with avocado, cucumber, cilantro and sesame seeds. It was refreshing to have a light, healthy dish alongside a menu of incredibly big burger that my stomach most certainly couldn’t handle!

 7. Frozen Yoghurt from The Berry Twist – $7.00

200 Faneuil Hall Market Place, 4 S Market Street, Boston, MA 02190

Americans don’t do their portions small – or normal sized either – but my helping of chocolate froyo from The Berry Twist was humungous. None the less it was absolutely delicious, and I’d highly recommend you check this place out.

If frozen yoghurt isn’t your thing, still head over to the market places around this area anyway as there is plenty to do, and they have some fantastic food stalls to try. Ueno Sushi was delish, and they made it fresh to order in front of your very eyes.

8. Green Chilli Braised Pork Enchiladas from W Lounge Boston – $17

100 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

I loved the vibe of W Boston’s lounge bar and the sharing ‘bites’ dishes were superb. Eating is such a great way to bond and socialise, and culturally and historically, it has always bought people together. The enchiladas here were a chef favourite, and I can see why. Meaty, compact and came with a kick that was neutralised by a touch of cream. You can definitely see that the menu was curated with love and attention, and packed with flavoursome dishes.

Where would you recommend heading to in Boston?