Lush’s White Christmas boxset…

Lush’s White Christmas boxset…

LUSH Christmas Box Set

I have been sitting on this blog post for MONTHS – ever since I was invited to take a strictly embargoed sneak peek at Lush’s Christmas range. It has been HARD not to share with everyone how truly incredible the Christmas range is (as usual..) but now I can, and here’s a review of Lush’s White Christmas box set. 

This year, Lush has a whole selection of festive gifts from stocking fillers all the way to huge gift sets that are sure to see you through the winter months. This particular box set drew my attention because of its bright colours and is inspired by German Techno Nordic Pop!

At £75.95 the giftbox includes: Baked Alaska soap, Reindeer Rock soap, Snowman Shower Jelly, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, Rose Jam Shower Gel, Fair Trade Foot Lotion, King of Skin Body Butter, Snowman FUN Kit, Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, Sandstone soap, D’Fluff Shaving Soap, Ice Blue soap, Fresh Mint Toothy Tabs, Lip Service, Big Sea Salt Shampoo, Veganese Conditioner and Million Dollar Moisturiser (trial size).

Dirty Springwash and Rose Jam Shower Gel

These two shower gels smell beaut. Perfumed with Gorilla Perfume (more on that later!), Dirty Springwash is a fab minty gel whilst Rose Jam has gorgeous rosy tones and filled with argan oil. Both retail separately at £4.50 each.

Ocean Salt Face and Body ScrubBig Sea Salt ShampooBig Sea Salt ShampooBig Sea Salt Shampoo 

I’m a massive fan of Lush’s sea salt products so I’m really pleased to see two appear in the gift set. The BIG Sea Salt Shampoo (£11.95) is filled with salt and seaweed and is surprisingly foamy. It’s shiny from the lemon and lime ingredients and you only need to use a tad to get gorgeous volumised hair!
Ocean Salt Face and Body ScrubIMG_6526 

The other gorge salt product is this Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub that is filled with vodka infused lime, grapefruit and salt that scrubs away all those dry, dead skin cells. Bliss. It’s absolutely fantastic, I love putting it straight onto dry skin if I need a good exfoliate, or on wet skin just before I shave my legs. And then follow it with this:

D'Fluff Shaving SoapD'Fluff Shaving SoapD'Fluff Shaving Soap

The D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (£5.75) is filled with strawberries, coconut oil, golden syrup, egg whites and cocoa butter and smells AH-MA-ZING. You can also use it as a body wash but this really is the most perfect smelling, marshmellowy shaving cream.

Snowman Shower Jelly
Snowman Shower Jelly

Nothing seems quite as adorable as this Snowman Jelly (£3.50). Made with Carrageenan Powder, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Bergamot Oil to tone and refresh you. If you’re familiar with their Easter Carrot Bubble Bar, then you’ll know the scent of this snowman jelly as the Lush team wanted to portray their carrot noses!

King of Skin Body Butter 

Next we have the King of Skin body butter (£5.50), a fabulous little body butter that you use on wet skin and rinse – and I found I didn’t need to use body lotion afterwards! Made with a blend of bananas, avocados, oatmilk and butters it will truly nourish your skin!

Lushy Smiles Dirty Tooth Tabs 

I’m going to admit, I’ve tried the other two toothy tabs before and I really wasn’t keen on their non minty flavour so it was quite refreshing (literally..). I’m not sure I’ll be a solid toothpaste convert just yet but they’re super, environmentally friendly so I can’t really complain! These Lush Dirty Tooth Tabs are only £2 on their own too!

Snowman FUN Kit 

I LOVE Lush’s FUN products, every since they launched I just new they’d found the most unique way of making batht time for the kids (and us adults too!) If you don’t know what the FUN products are, they’re 4-in-1 products (shampoo, bubble bar, soap or even plasticine) that you can mould into the most incredible shapes. So what better way to get into the Christmas spirit is with this fabulous snowman edition. Scented with carrot soap fragrances, you can make you very own Olaf for your bath fun.

Fairtrade Foot Lotion Foot creams are such a oversight in the beauty world but this peppermint version is beautiful and I’ve tried it by rubbing it over my feet, putting cotton socks over them and leaving it overnight. The results are fab!

Reindeer Rock Soap

And finally, the brand new Reindeer Rock Soap, a soap based on Scandinavian ancient rock carvings packed with Lingonberries which improves elasticity in the skin, as well as Bergamot, Cypress Oil and Raspberry Crush Sparkle Dust which will leave your skin lovely and sparkly!

There are some products that I didn’t take pictures of because my thief of a mother stole them for her personal use before I had the chance to take pictures (she loves Lush!). Altogether if you bought these products separately they’d equal well over £90 so you’re getting about £20 discount. GAH!

I am so excited for Christmas and I can’t wait for Lush to be a part of it!